eGlue designs and creates services of Customer Communication Management and Lifecycle Document Management. Products of the utmost value based on avant-garde technologies but, above all, conceived and created by people who place themselves at the service of their clients with a shared sense of values, enthusiasm and expertise.

The absolute value of the work of eGlue can be measured in many ways.
In its time-to-market capability. In combining flexibility of configuration with rigour in execution. In the vast range of solutions designed and created to embrace all the requirements of corporate communication processes, accelerating their digital transition.
The goal of eGlue is simple and clear.  The pursuit of excellence, moving away from what the mainstream market offers with a proprietary formula that views innovation as the application of integration and synergy between the digital and physical spheres in corporate communication processes.
eGlue has devised an intelligent and compatible ecosystem in communications and especially in the CCM process.  An ecosystem that, quite simply, makes all the difference. 

eGlue works alongside clients throughout the process, helping them understand the nub of the problems and drawing up tailor-made solutions to boost productivity and efficiency, simply and effectively. 
Thirty years’ experience has enabled eGlue to develop a formula for delivering services with flexibility under any circumstances, never neglecting total quality.  End-to-end services that are best in class for every requirement.

Customer Communication Management and Digital Transition

Excelling in meeting the needs of businesses in communicating to their clients. Facilitating the adoption of innovative digital solutions, in line with the expectations and preferences of the intended recipients of the communication, in seamless parallel with the traditional processes. 
From the printing of dynamic documents, unique on the Italian market, from storytelling by streaming to the latest generation of business intelligence tools, from welcoming video kits to integrated telephone assistance, eGlue is at the side of the client company from the analysis of the needs to the design and implementation of made-to-measure CCM solutions. 

Document Life Cycle Management and Business Process Outsourcing

Becoming one of the main players on the Italian market in outsourced document management processes through substantial investments in skills and technologies.  Offering its clients the possibility of attaining important goals in cost savings and operating efficiency. 

eGlue analyses the client’s needs and takes an advisory role in optimising the processes of procurement, reordering, the validation and dematerialisation of documents for the purpose of digital archiving and physical storage.

Luca Mantovani, CEO of eGlue.