Mobility Culture

"The greatest inconvenience of people and nations is the laziness with which they attempt to find the solutions to their problems. There’s no challenge without a crisis. Without challenges, life becomes a routine, a slow agony.”

Albert Einstein

“To communicate” literally means “to place in common”, that is “to share.”  This is the principle by which eGlue devises, creates and offers its services: sharing the enthusiasm, resources and experience accrued over more than thirty years, creating and sharing wellbeing.  For the clients and the community.

eGlue seeks simplicity. Making things complicated is easy, making them simple is not. 
eGlue is convinced that it is only through a sense of responsibility and striving for simplicity with a propensity for innovation that value can be created in companies' communication processes.
Responsibility, Simplicity and Innovation are the three principles that underpin the daily work of eGlue as it seeks to continue to grow and improve, together with its clients, continuing in the tradition that has set it apart from its foundation: the centrality of people, integrity, excellence, flexibility in responding to change and shared prosperity.
eGlue designs and implements CCM (customer communication management) services with absolute value, based, as they are, on avant-garde technologies but, above all, on people who share values, enthusiasm, skills and experience among themselves and with the clients. 
The absolute value lies in the time-to-market capability combined with the flexibility in configuration and rigour in execution that are common to a range of solutions that embrace all corporate communication needs, accelerating the digital transition. 
Our objective is to pursue efficiency, effectiveness and innovation in an integrated and synergic way between the digital and physical spheres in corporate communication processes.  And this, quite simply, makes all the difference. 
eGlue works alongside clients throughout the process, helping them understanding the nub of the problems and drawing up simple, tailor-made solutions to boost effectiveness and efficiency in the work. 
Thirty years’ experience has enabled eGlue to develop a formula for delivering services with flexibility under any circumstances, never neglecting total quality.  End-to-end services that are the best in class.

For these reasons, eGlue seeks:

to increasingly represent the benchmark in Italy in the digitisation of experiences and in seeking ways of ensuring the satisfaction that comes from total quality. 

to propose purpose-built turnkey solutions that can compete with the best national practices in the light of research and international frontiers

to offer cutting-edge infrastructure, dedicated resources and constant supervision to avoid any risks to the client in the delivery of the service

to devise strategic partnerships in aiding the client in the selection and implementation of all the potential of digital transition

to transform mobility from an approach to a culture, encouraging productivity and innovation in order to gain a competitive advantage

to devise and implement integrated, multichannel and proprietary digital services with high added value