From multichannel to omnichannel

eGlue’s technological solutions are aimed at supporting multichannel communication and the development of omnichannel communication, able to adapt to the media and devices chosen according to the preferences of the end user.  One example is the dynamic document in hmtl5 format.

Business service management

Over the years, eGlue has developed its own version of the service culture, directed by structure and processes and keeping the client at the centre of attention.
To work alongside its clients, eGlue selects service managers with a wealth of expertise in the business processes of the sector in which the clients operate, in addition to the CCM field.  This ensures a common language and shared knowledge, which facilitates the development and management of the services.


We are constantly searching for innovative solutions to increase the value of the services offered, both in terms of the needs of effectiveness of the client companies and in the perception of the end users.

Versatility and time to market

We are renowned on the market for our capacity to adapt to the needs of the clients and to implement services and delivery in rapid time and always adaptable. eGlue offers “made to measure”, turnkey services through consultancy and constant support in all phases of implementation.