Doing (very) complicated things in a (very) easy way.
A dream that has come true.
Our company began as a dream, where people could get together and swap experiences in a simple and accessible way, thanks to a new way of communicating.  
In this new world, communication really means sharing what is most precious, that is, passion. It is passion that makes us find a way to be together and work with transparency and enthusiasm towards a shared goal, starting from values, moving on to processes and arriving at the realisation of our dreams.

At eGlue, we believe that real and ultimate meaning of business is only this: to become passionate. Passion is the only key to continuous improvement, in life and in work, with others and ourselves, in everything we do.

This is why, at eGlue, we believe in ethics. Because we believe that behaving in an ethical way is not only the only right way to live, it is also the most practical way to live.

Today, we living in an increasingly complex world where everything seems to be about business. Complexity and interest appear to dominate the scene and, in many ways, that is true.  
But it isn’t that way for us. While being fully aware of the importance of business, we believe more in the economy in the original meaning of the word, that is, running the home well. Because home is made up of many things, concrete and visionary, desires and reality, form and substance. And, above all, home is experienced by people, by individuals who make up families and communities.  Principles that business often seems to forget.

Unlike business, the economy teaches us that the real solution is always simple. Just as true elegance is not just an accumulation of tinsel and show, but a balanced mixture of care over substance and punctilious attention to every detail. The real result, the triumph that counts, the gain that remains, is not obtained by spending the maximum amount of resources but what can be achieved with minimum effort, with stress and wasted energy reduced to zero. In a nutshell, finding simple solutions to complex problems.

In more than thirty years in business, our challenge has been dominated by these aspects. Constant passion in sharing values. The commitment to making complex things simple.  The ability to make the dreams of our clients sustainable, in everything we do.

This is eGlue. This is our story. Thirty years in customer communication management, boosted more than ever before at a time of digital transformation: dynamic communication that opens up an entirely new world, both for eGlue and its clients. A way of doing things with the expertise of eGlue, currently unique in Europe.